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Carolina Boff

Caroline Boff is an English contemporary artist who exhibits internationally. She creates wondrous compositions bursting with high energy, strong emotion and vibrant color that celebrate life and self-expression. Her style reflects the schools of abstract, representational art and expressionism.


She will often embellish a piece with the words of Shakespeare, Maya Angelou or others to further the transformative nature of her work.

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Her Boundless heart soothes the soul

She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and a tireless proponent of the arts. In 2023, Caroline began working toward an MA in Fine Art at the Open College of Arts in the UK, while in the same year sponsoring the National Social Media Awards in London and Los Angeles. Her artwork has been featured in Vogue, Tatler, Vanity Fair, House and Garden and London Life. Caroline has recently exhibited in London, Miami and New York, and her has also featured in Collection, Voices of Tomorrow and the Collector's Choice China.


Timothy Warrington, of The International Confederation of Art Critics, has described Caroline’s art this way to capture the effervescence of both the artist and her work – “A controlled explosion of enamoring vitality combined with an innately stimulating ethereal relationship with expressive colors, Caroline Boff’s pictorial conceptions herald a powerfully direct connection to the artist’s profound emotions and intimate experiences that are subtly shared with the viewer catalyzed by the joyful energy encompassed in her art.”


Dance is passion Caroline has also immersed herself in, another form for communication that exudes the kind of vigor and dynamics that reverberate through her art.

Artist's Collections

Love Conquers All. Ughhh.
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