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The Anecdote to Boring Art

Traditional gallery events and exhibitions are, well…not all that exciting. Triskets with Kraft Cheese. Pretzels and beer. Wine Club chardonnay. Artists and galleries are on tight budgets. We understand.

Friends of the artists or the galleries show up out of courtesy, or to appreciate the art…for a few minutes.

Collectors and art lovers have many choices today how they spend their time. Restaurants and other forms of entertainment attract plenty of attention. Online galleries afford buyers the freedom to scroll through a wide variety of art at the viewers convenience.


So what's the solution? Make the gallery experience less boring.

The Highlands Collective designs events to be interactive and participatory. All attendees to openings get something of value to commemorate their participation. And to acknowledge your time is valuable and you have other options for entertainment.

Come participate, engage with the work and experience for yourself why we like to say we are The Anecdote to Boring Art.

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More 2023 events are in the planning stages now.

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Highlands Collective Celebrates 6-Week Run at Loiter Galleries

Our event at Loiter Galleries in Long Beach, CA delivered participatory fun for attendees and sales for the artists and gallery.

May 2, 2023


The Anecdote to Boring Art arrives in Long Beach, CA

Our next event will be held March 11, 2023 at Loiter Galleries, Long Beach, CA

March 11, 2023

Loiter Galleries, 425 The Promenade North, Long Beach, CA 90802

upcoming events


More fun and engaging gallery events are in the planning stages now. These include both group and solo artist events. Watch this space and sign up for alerts to stay tuned to our event schedule.

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